Chase McMorrough

"I´m happy when my guitar gently sweeps!"

The US American Chase McMorrough graduated from the hard school of boy bands in Orlando Florida, which saturated the charts in the 90's. Chase was a member of the Echo Award winner + top producer, Alex Christensen's chart act Force, but quickly realized that  his heart belonged to songwriting. In the meantime, he's made himself a name and belongs to the new genration of songwriters in the USA. He has penned many hits, be it either for music for MTV Cribs, for artists such as Teen Cribs, From G's to Gents, MADE, True Life, Brooke Knows Best, Sister Sister or for the sport's giant PUMA. Chase feels at home in any music genre + has found his musical soulmate in POPVIRUS producer Kai Panschow with whom he writes + produces.