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You can listen to an assortement of songs from the album Neon here!

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A Finest Selection Of Lovesongs

A playlist for lovers + all those who wanna be! One thing is certain: these 50 love songs make anything possible, today, tomorrow or whenever your heart skips a beat + you have that butterflies-in-your-stomach kind of feeling that makes your world go round!

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Tracksort icon Title Length Composer Genre Play Info DL
1 Love And Kisses 1:54 Sid Sonic/ Ryan Gold Pop
1 Slow Love 2:28 Dietrich Pinhammer/ Linus Sandberg/ Luis Love Soul
1 Midnight Lounge Resort 4:59 Jay Heye Lounge
1 World From Above 3:23 Martin Loos Pop
2 New Romance 2:47 Ralf Goebel/ Kai Panschow/Dimi Tsoukas Soundtrack
2 Tube Love 3:12 Linus Sandberg/ Luis Love/ Chase McMorrough Pop-Ballad
2 Poetica Erotica 3:17 Stefano Maggio/ Alessandro Giordani Easy Listening
3 Hollywood Lover 2:23 Daniel Backes/ Peter Moslener Pop
3 Elevate 2:28 Barry Franklin Retro-Rock
4 Monogamy 2:34 Moritz Bintig Pop
4 Threesome 3:23 Jens Wojnar/ Lars Hentschel Pop
4 Dominoes 1:52 Lars Hentschel Pop
4 Summer In Spring 2:05 Francisco Becker Germain Soundtrack
4 Hipster Style 2:07 Martin Haene/ Marco Ricciardi Pop
5 Rowdy 2:07 Liam T. Spender/ Thomas Helmich/ Luis Love Pop
5 Playground 2:00 Clara Corn Rock
5 Sleep Well Baby 2:33 Andreas Schmid-Martelle Blues
5 Twenty Miracles 2:24 Blue One Pop
5 Loving Memories 2:22 Lowell Freeman/ Mike Wilkie Pop
5 Deeper And Deeper 3:22 Solkey/ Fabio Codega Pop-Rock
6 All Is Said 2:34 Axel Schwarz Soundtrack
6 Beautiful 2:33 Ralf Göbel/ Kai Panschow/ Dimi Tsoukas Pop
6 You Are My Love 4:38 Andreas Schmid-Martelle Pop
6 Colour On The Street 3:55 Maximilian Schlichter/ Corni Bartels Punk-Rock
6 Material World 3:23 Linus Sandberg/ Jimi Toc Pop
6 Pineapple 2:01 Martin Haene/ Marco Ricciardi Pop
6 Godmother 2:41 Stefano Maggio Pop-Rock
6 Simple Plan 1:35 Martin Loos Pop-Rock
7 Inside My Heart 1:02 Pat Paks/ Annabella Jul Pop
7 With You 3:45 Chase McMorrough/ Kai Panschow/ Dimi Tsoukas Pop
7 Gated Air 1:32 Tobias Ellenberg/ Daniel Backes/ Peter Moslener Pop
7 Eyewear 2:08 Martin Haene/ Marco Ricciardi Pop
7 Adorable 2:37 Lowell Freeman/ Mike Wilkie Rock
7 Greatest Happiness 1:54 Francisco Becker Germain/ Dimi Tsoukas Pop
7 Privileged 2:40 Gudze Rock
8 Can`t Wait 2:06 Rainer Ruetsch/ Tom Müller/ Marcello Pagin/ Christian F.J. Buettner Pop
8 Start Somewhere 3:55 Gudze Rock
8 Padbury 2:35 Christopher Applegate Pop
8 Earth Anthem 2:36 Blue One Rock
8 Somebody Waiting 3:28 Linus Sandberg/ Jimi Toc Pop-Rock
9 Make Love Sweeter 2:50 Thomas Helmich/ Luis Love Pop-Rock
10 Because You Feel 2:49 Thomas Helmich/ Jimi Toc Pop
10 Indietronic 3:00 Matmoti/ Tom Dakota Rock
11 Glass Tower 2:24 Peter Ries Pop
13 Paintings 3:10 Linus Sandberg/ Luis Love/ Chase McMorrough Alternative
15 Say Goodbye 2:44 Martin Loos Pop
21 Leave Your Dress On 2:53 Roman Lüth/ Pat Paks/ Annabella Jul Retro
21 Tear Me Down 3:50 Charles Howlett-Gallagher/ Dimi Tsoukas Pop
21 Stronger Than Ever (Mellow-Version) 2:54 Dennis Koehne/ Simon Bosse Rock
23 Be Happy (Vocal-Version) 1:57 Christian F.J. Buettner/ Marcello Pagin/ Patrice Graf Pop

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