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You can listen to an assortement of songs from the album Neon here!

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Soothing to the ears in a classical cinema format! This is what you need to start! Listen to a playlist of a selection of the best-of movie albums from the POPVIRUS LIBRARY!


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Tracksort icon Title Length Composer Genre Play Info DL
1 Chapter 2:13 Felix Lund Soundtrack
1 Cinemascoper 1:55 Felix Lund Soundtrack
1 Clouds Opening 0:44 Martin Haene/ Alex Tschallener Soundtrack
2 Chamber Adventure 2:28 Francisco Becker Germain Soundtrack
2 Legion 1:21 Felix Lund Soundtrack
2 Village Voice 1:18 Felix Lund Soundtrack
2 Love And Tears 1:16 Martin Haene/ Alex Tschallener/ Sandro Friedrich Soundtrack
2 Abuse 1:21 Felix Lund Soundtrack
2 Spartans Blood 2:24 Martin Haene/ Gregor Huber Soundtrack
3 Love Theme 1:37 Francisco Becker Germain Soundtrack
3 Skylight 0:56 Felix Lund Soundtrack
4 Carmina Cantata 0:57 Felix Lund Soundtrack
4 Parliament 1:37 Felix Lund Soundtrack
6 Golden Gun 2:26 Francisco Becker Germain Soundtrack
7 Honour 2:14 Francisco Becker Germain Soundtrack
9 Royal Clipper 3:18 Peter Ries Soundtrack
9 Happy Ending 3:07 Axel Schwarz Soundtrack
12 Rhapsody Twentyfour 2:53 Axel Schwarz Soundtrack
14 One Waltz 3:03 Axel Schwarz Soundtrack
24 Sweet Violin 0:43 Reinhard Besser Soundtrack

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