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You can listen to an assortement of songs from the album Neon here!

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A Finest Selection Of RELAXATION


Sounds in many shades of ocean blue with a guaranteed travel + wanderlust-factor! Listen to a playlist of a selection of the best-of popular relax albums from the POPVIRUS LIBRARY!

We recommend our relax series!


Tracksort icon Title Length Composer Genre Play Info DL
1 Island Sunrise 3:17 Kai Panschow/ Dimi Tsoukas Pop
1 Mayweed 2:28 Kai Panschow/ Chase McMorrough Lounge
1 Frothy 2:26 Linus Sandberg/ Luis Love Easy Listening
1 Plaisir 2:07 Linus Sandberg/ Luis Love Ambient
1 Midnight Lounge Resort 4:59 Jay Heye Lounge
2 Stormy Weather 2:49 Wildmax Easy Listening
2 Mocha 2:09 Linus Sandberg/ Luis Love Ambient
2 Maritime Observations 2:57 Jasmin Faridi Lounge
3 Calm Down 2:56 Kai Panschow Lounge
3 House Of Relax 3:24 Liam T.Spender/ Thomas Helmich/ Luis Love Pop
4 Beaded 2:28 Lauren Mucho/ Linus Sandberg/ Luis Love Lounge
5 In My Heart 4:22 Jay Heye Lounge
5 Easy Going 2:39 Ingo Herrmann Lounge
8 Right Time 2:11 Ingo Herrmann Lounge
10 Island Nights 3:19 Kai Panschow/ Dimi Tsoukas/ George Kousa Pop
10 Skyline 2:56 Linus Sandberg/ Luis Love Easy Listening
11 Triangle Sun (Underscore-Version) 2:36 Tobias Ellenberg/ Daniel Backes/ Peter Moslener Pop
11 Extraterrestrial (Vocal-Version) 2:15 Jasmin Faridi Atmosphere
17 Southside Havanna 2:48 Wildmax Easy Listening
20 Between Times 3:14 Liam T. Spender/ Linus Sandberg/ Luis Love Easy Listening

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