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You can listen to an assortement of songs from the album Neon here!

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Most Wanted Vol.1

Most Wanted Vol.1

Masterpieces? Evergreens? Or just simply hits? The new premium series gives us everything we want to hear - the perfectly developed allround-tool for every  celluloid format with the highest possible standard incl. seal of approval! Can't get better than this!

category: documentary, docutainment, reality tv, tabloid, tv magazine
catalogue no.: POP-PP-001
Popvirus Publishing
Info Album: 
Tracksort icon Title Length Composer Genre Play Info DL
1 Temptation 3:30 Blue One Pop
2 Flying 2:46 Blue One Pop
3 Clubland 3:32 Blue One Pop
4 Strangelove 2:23 Blue One Pop
5 Code Depeche 3:01 Blue One Pop
6 Blizz 2:17 Blue One Pop
7 Infinity 2:11 Blue One Pop
8 Radar Love 2:05 Blue One Pop
9 Fatal Attraction 1:47 Blue One Pop
10 Bodyguard 2:11 Blue One Pop
11 Downbeat Pulse 2:06 Blue One Pop
12 Blender 3:44 Blue One Pop
13 Maniadancing 3:47 Blue One Pop
14 Barefoot 2:21 Blue One Pop
15 Vertigo 2:39 Blue One Pop
16 Calling Summer 3:26 Blue One Pop
17 Fading Memories 2:41 Blue One Pop
18 Midnight Cowboy 2:19 Blue One Pop
19 Gentlekid 2:35 Blue One Pop
20 Goodfellas 2:03 Blue One Pop

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