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Chiming in for the art of emotion! Slow-motion acrobatics in an action remake-feeling! Perfect fit for the auricular-sound-community!

category: docutainment, creativity, reality tv, science, tv magazine
catalogue no.: POP-PS-229
Popvirus Publishing
POPVIRUS Soundtrack
Info Album: 
Track Title Length Composersort icon Genre Play Info DL
3 Echoland 3:43 Gudze Rock
16 Ping Pong 4:28 Gudze Rock
19 Friday Weekend 3:44 Gudze Rock
12 Beta Blocker 3:42 Gudze Rock
18 Afrotropical Spider 4:20 Gudze Rock
17 Slowdive 2:42 Gudze Rock
14 Becoming Strangers 3:51 Gudze Rock
6 Threshold 3:14 Gudze Rock
10 Parachutes 4:10 Gudze Rock
2 Neverwhere 3:43 Gudze Rock
5 Meter per Second 3:19 Gudze Rock
11 Dreamchild 2:47 Gudze Rock
15 Evening Star 3:30 Gudze Rock
9 Otherworlds 3:26 Gudze Rock
13 Discreet Story 2:47 Gudze Rock
1 Gazette Reload 3:44 Gudze Rock
4 Just Like This 4:36 Gudze Rock
20 Obscure Work 2:50 Gudze Rock
8 Quiet Room 3:30 Gudze Rock
7 Codebreaker 4:21 Gudze Rock

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