★ Am I smarter than ... Evelyn Burdecki?

Am I smarter than ...Evelyn Burdecki?

After Verona Pooth and Oliver Pocher, Günther Jauch can now return to his role as a presenter and get to grips with another test celebrity. His victim this time: Evelyn Burdecki! Just like Günther Jauch in the first show (Nov. 2019) and Oliver Pocher in the second show on Feb. 7, 2020, as well as Verona Pooth in the third episode on Feb. 14, 2020, Evelyn Burdecki must also undergo an extensive smartness test in the run-up to the show. For this purpose, a completely new scientifically based test with completely new tasks has been developed.

Evelyn Burdecki will take the test in the run-up to the show. Under strictest anti-cheating precautions, before running camera. Only in the broadcast will she find out after each question how well or badly she has done. In comparison to the celebrity guests who undergo the identical check in the program. And in comparison with a representative panel from Germany that has already undergone the check before the show. In the end, every TV viewer gets answers to three questions: Am I smarter than the average German? Smarter than the studio celebrities? But above all, "Am I smarter than Evelyn Burdecki?" Viewers at home can take part in each task - very simply with a piece of paper + pencil.

Broadcasting on 12th of February 2021 at 08.15pm on RTL

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