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ARD.alpha Campus - Study in Berlin, Hamburg, Koblenz-Landau + Marburg

Germany is the land of diversity - this also + especially applies to its universities. There are over 400 state-recognized universities between Flensburg and Constance, Aachen and Cottbus, including more than 100 universities. In addition to the venerable Humboldtian scholar tradition, the current ranking in international rankings is one of the arguments in favor of studying in Germany, because only American and British top universities are more frequently represented in the top 100 than the German ones. And for foreign students and scientists, Germany is now the most important non-English-speaking host country. Of course, not only the head counts when choosing the place of study. The attitude to life, the living situation, size and leisure options also play an important role. Because student years set the course for a lifetime Alpha Campus portrays Germany's universities and colleges and introduces the study, research + life on and around the campus.

Broadcasted on 5th of September 2019 + 4th of September 2019 at 10.15pm on ARD.alpha

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