★ Around the World at 80 years of age - Kambodscha

Around the World at 80 years of age - Kambodscha

It is never too late to make dreams come true and to go on a great adventure: Under the title "Around the World at 80 years of age" six older people are taking the journey of a lifetime.

They discover distant lands and visit foreign cultures, successively fulfilling a personal lifelong dream for each one of them. ZDF presenter Steven Gätjen accompanies the unusual tour group on their emotional tour around the globe.

The six adventurous seniors travel to the mystical cultures and mysterious jungle temples of the Kingdom of Cambodia. In the fifth travel destination the Berliner Wolfgang, who is called by all but Nauke, can fulfill a childhood wish and finally even invest in an excavation site. However, the 81-year-old's biggest pleasure is a surprise reunion, which he never expected.

For seniors there is the opportunity to unwind and to be pampered in a dreamlike resort. In typical rattling tuk-tuks, you will visit the largest sacred building in the world - the impressive temple complex Angkor Wat. At the Night Market, they are also culinary on completely new terrain. Who from the group has the courage to try with grandson Steven Gätjen grilled scorpion, fried grubs or grilling on a spit?

The big wide world did not meet the participants, despite their age. Amazing encounters, foreign cultures and exotic places await you in Cuba, Peru, Canada, Japan, Cambodia and Thailand. With much cordiality and the concentrated life experience of six 80-year-olds, they engage in unknown adventures. But also personal strokes of fate, community in the group and dealing with the topic of old and old people in our society are important aspects of this fascinating journey.

Broadcasted on 5th of September 2019 at 8.15pm on ZDF

Music: POPVIRUS Library