★ Checker Tobi Extra - Why the wall fell

Checker Tobi Extra - Why the wall fell

The Berlin Wall fell 30 years ago. But why was it built at all? Why was Germany divided? What does the workers' revolt of 17 June 1953 have to do with it? What was life in the GDR like in the FRG? And how did the night of the fall of the Wall finally come about? In his third "Checker Tobi Extra" - after "Why so many people are fleeing" (2015) and "Why voting is important" (2017), Tobi thus provides answers to the question of how German reunification came about in 1989. With Julian Janssen, Michael Bully Herbig, citizen Lars Dietrich, Wolfgang Thierse + others.

Broadcasting on 03rd of October 2020 at 08.30am on ARD

Music: POPVIRUS Library