★ Corfu: Where emperors and gods feel at home

Wunderschön! - Corfu: Where emperors and gods feel at home

Turquoise blue sea, emerald green forests - for thousands of years people have been drawn to Corfu, including many high rulers such as Empress Sisi + English and German nobles.

Corfu is the northernmost Greek island in the Ionian Sea, located directly off the Albanian coast. Especially at Easter the island is worth a visit. Andrea Grießmann experiences the Greek-orthodox Easter here - a very special spectacle on Corfu.

In springtime the island is one single wildflower garden. Corfu is the greenest island in Greece. It owes this to the rainfall in winter and a mild climate for the rest of the year.

Broadcasting on 16th of November 2020 at 04.15pm + on 17th of November 2020 at 10.15am on 3Sat

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