★ Crazy for the sea - Hot rhythms, white beaches

Crazy for the sea - Discover the world from the water Hot rhythms, white beaches

In Olinda Eva, Josef + Alfred discover the old town with their tourist guide Wolfgang. Alfred from Cologne swings his hips to the drums of a samba group and would love to stay in the city a few days longer - that's how impressive the Brazilian attitude to life is for him. Meanwhile the group of men on their buggy tour has another breakdown - engine trouble. The vehicle is stuck in the sand and no longer moves. Now they have to improvise so that the journey can continue. A Brazilian car solution brings help so that Max, Gerhard and the Swiss Heinrich + Hendrik make it to a Caipirinha bar. After the long drive the men first have to regain their strength. With alcohol and samba they awaken new spirits + the oldies even shake a leg. With so much rhythm, even 20-year-old Hendrik can copy a bit.

The next day, the Austrians Eva and Josef and their friend Alfred go on an excursion to the dream beach of the Munduaú Lagoon. While Alfred takes a bath, Eva and Josef take a romantic walk + reminisce. The father and son team Heinrich and Hendrik also take a step back. They go sightseeing through Maceio + look for a souvenir at a local dealer. In the evening there is good news for Eva and Josef: the arrival of their suitcases is approaching.

Broadcasting on 15th of October 2020 at 04.10pm on ARD

Music: POPVIRUS Library