★ Crazy for the sea - Reunion in Tierra del Fuego

Crazy for the sea - Discover the world from the water Reunion in Tierra del Fuego

The small cruise ship is on its way towards Ushuaia. To dock there, it has to fight its way through the Drake Passage. The strong swell is causing the passengers a lot of trouble. The Drake Passage is the "wildest" sea area on earth, as there is no protection by islands and mainland and extreme weather conditions can develop. Crew and guests are happy when they reach the port of Ushuaia. Once there, the father-son-duo Bernd and Ilja first take a walk through nature. They are accompanied by tour guide Insa Schulz, who translates for the group on the tour. They will be walking through wetlands and forests and there will be no stopping at steep slopes. After two days at sea, the firm ground under their feet is good for all of them and the movement in nature helps to get the rocking out of their bodies. Heike and Ulrich's destination is the "southernmost train in the world" - a narrow-gauge railway that runs through Tierra del Fuego. Ulrich is enthusiastic about the steam locomotive and the surroundings and chats with the locals. The couple has studied the place intensively and therefore does not need a tour guide. In the souvenir shop they buy some souvenirs for their collection to take home a nice memory.

Broadcasting on 09th of November 2020 at 04.10pm on ARD

Music: POPVIRUS Library