★ Crazy for the sea - Secrets of Bermuda

Crazy for the sea - discover the world from the water - Secrets of Bermuda

Wind force eight to nine on the Atlantic. The small cruise ship fights its way through the rough sea during the crossing towards Bermuda. The strains are worth the effort. Celebrity villas, punch + palm trees await at the destination.

In the port of Nassau on the Bahamas the small cruise ship is moored. TV chef Nils Egtermeyer is on his way to start his journey as guest chef on board. The 37-year-old is working on a cruise ship for the first time and is already very excited about what to expect. On deck the preparations for the "Caribbean Dinner" are underway. Restaurant manager Aleksey Ocheretnyi supervises the setting up of the tables and the buffet. While the crew is working, entertainment manager Timur Cevik shows newcomer Nils the market.

The TV cook is looking for inspiration for the "show cooking" the next day. At the market they get to know a local speciality: Sea snails, called "conch". This "seafood" is served as a delicacy in the Bahamas. But Nils does not believe that snails will delight the passengers. But lobsters, he is sure, will be well received by all passengers. Freshly cooked, he takes the sea creatures on board. In the evening it's "cast off" towards the island of Cuba, 765 km away.

The next day is therefore a day at sea + the passengers can expect a lot of programme. Michael Schuller delights the visitors of his magic show and Nils Egtermeyer prepares a Caribbean snack for the passengers on the sun deck. The deck is filled with guests who want to have a close look at the professional chef. They are curious to see if Nils really can cook as well as they claim on TV.

Broadcasting on 19th of November 2020 at 04.10pm on ARD

Music: POPVIRUS Library