★ Crazy for the sea - Welcome Canada!

Crazy for the sea - Discover the world from the water Goodbye USA, Welcome Canada!

The small cruise ship is heading for "Windsor", the southernmost city in Canada, in the province of Ontario. Here the passengers have some time to make small excursions before continuing on to the metropolis of Toronto. Petra + Andrea and Gerhard are also in a good mood as they are recreating sculptures in the park in Windsor. Great art is also the theme on board the cruise ship, as the rehearsals for the crew show in the evening are in full swing. Animator Frank supervises the course of events and gives final stage directions, after all, the crew needs a little help. On stage, the crew ensemble then really gets the guests going with a glamour performance. The atmosphere reaches its climax when the kitchen crew moves through the corridors upstairs. Even hotel manager Alexandra Cortese can hardly stop herself at this sight. While some are celebrating, the ship docks in Toronto. The next morning, the sisters-in-law Ulrike and Maria set off on a sightseeing tour through the city and land on the longest street in the world. Olaf and his wife Christiane are also on their way on asphalt. The two motorbike lovers borrow a Harley and explore the city on their own.

Broadcasting on 12th of October 2020 at 04.10pm on ARD

Music: POPVIRUS Library