★ die nordstory - When food is worth something again

die nordstory - When food is worth something again - agriculture on side paths

His fruit wines have earned Florian Profitlich several gold medals, even in the renowned Ebbelwoi-Mekka Frankfurt there were medals! His persistent work has been rewarded. The apple harvest on the old orchards of Fahrenholz in the Nordwestuckermark is particularly good this year.

Ingenious humus propagation: gardener Olaf Schnelle knows that hard work and clever craftsmanship are worth it again. Ingeniously, he brings out the richest yields from the smallest of areas. So much so that he ferments the surplus, an old craft that is currently being rediscovered. And by no means is the soil exhausted after the harvest. When Olaf Schnelle digs in it with his hands, he raves about the earthworms. The humus layer of his flower beds grows from year to year through their remains.

Radically regional is a trend: farmer David Peacock is also thinking about the future. What he does is sustainable and logical, he says. He lets his cows, all still bearing names and horns, eat fresh grass on the pasture instead of silage in the barn. The calves suckle at the cows, and yet there is still enough milk left for the business. Peacock's cream has up to 70 percent fat content, which is particularly sought after in Berlin. There it brings him more than just a few cents. Because in top gastronomy, radical regional trends and food are worth something again.

Broadcasting on 05th of October 2020 at 03.00pm on NDR/ARD

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