★ Docu Start-up into risk

Start-up into risk - from idea to bankruptcy

Every year about 850,000 founders dare to take the step and become entrepreneurs. But only one in ten German start-ups survive the first five years.

Starting a business in Germany is not a problem. But the difficulties are not long in coming: location procurement, customer acquisition, licenses and bureaucracy are the four key challenges for young entrepreneurs. The challenges of starting a business. In addition, there are often problems with financing. Banks and private lenders know the lousy track record. Even if it reads differently on the glossy brochures on "Investment Partners of Innovations", the lenders often shy away from the risk.

The search for employees is similarly difficult. Because a job in a company, where it is not clear whether it survives the next few years, is not very attractive. Often, especially young team members are paid very badly.

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