★ Double feature Day X

Double feature ZDF Neo Tag X - My life after Sexual Abuse + My Life Afterwards Taxi Robbery and Mobile Phone Theft

My life after Sexual Abuse: Michael (41) tells the victim helper Dirk Heinrichs his story of suffering. For years he was sexually abused by a work colleague of his father. Accompanied by Dirk Heinrichs, Michael now seeks an encounter with the paedophile perpetrator of that time. How can parents protect their child from such assaults? Are there signs by which abuse can be recognized? Together with experts, the coach shows parents ways in which children can be made strong against assaults.

My Life Afterwards Taxi Robbery and Mobile Phone Theft: How can you find your way back into everyday life after a violent crime? Coach Dirk Heinrichs assists a 65-year-old cab driver who was almost murdered by a customer. The coach also gives advice on how to protect yourself from robbers on the open road. "Cab robbery": The cab driver Brigitte S. from Delmenhorst is piloted by a customer to a remote place and is severely injured there with numerous knife stabs. In court she meets the 19-year-old perpetrator again. The prevention expert tries to show how such a trauma can be overcome. With positive success. "Mobile phone theft": What do you do if your cell phone is suddenly ripped out of your hand in the street? Not only the device, but also all important data has disappeared. Dirk Heinrichs explains to Liv F. (25) from Berlin how she can protect her data from misuse.

Broadcasting on 30th of September 2020 at 03:40am + 04.25am on ZDFneo/ZDF

Music: POPVIRUS Library