★ Friend, foe, helper

Friend, foe, helper: What is going on with the police? - An "NZZ Format" about the difficult everyday life of police officers

They have one of the most dangerous professions, but social recognition and respect are dwindling. As a result, police officers are increasingly frequently attacked in the course of their duties, verbally + physically. This has been accompanied by an increase in anti-Corona or "Black Lives Matter" demonstrations in various European cities. More + more people seem to lose respect for the police. What also aggravates the situation: time and again, right-wing extremist chats within German police corps are exposed. Although 99% of police officers do a good job, suddenly everyone is under general suspicion.

A film by Sibylle Thiessen + Karin Moser

Broadcasting on 12th of November 2020 at 11.00pm on SFR

Music: POPVIRUS Library