★ HipHorses - You and your horse

HipHorses - You and your horse (series 7 + 8)

HipHorses - You and your horse (7)

Horses, stories and true friendships. From the farm horse to the mini pony to the dressage horse, you can witness the adventures of the horses and their riders.

Finnja, from near Bremen, is 13 years old and loves horses and shows. Therefore show riding is her passion. Finnja is preparing a new equestrian show in which she wants to participate with her pony Missy.

HipHorses - You and your horse (8)

Ronja and Paula are two horse-crazy sisters who would love to spend the whole day at the horse farm. But the most beautiful are the riding holidays, which the girls prefer to spend on the horn mill in the Eifel.

Broadcasting on 14th of November 2020 at 06.20am + 06:45am on ARD

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