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NDR The horse understanding - Back to the roots

New episodes of the equestrian: Uwe Weinzierl is called in the Black Forest, because horses do not want in the trailer + the horse-understanding should give a course.

Uwe Weinzierl, "the horse-understanding", is to be seen in new episodes. Once in the political cabaret at home, his passion is now the great sense of freedom on his horse ranch in southern Mecklenburg. And on both stages he has showmanship! He translates horse language in his own way, in an entertaining way.

Uwe Weinzierl is called this time in the south of Germany. SOS! Because horses do not want to be in the trailer and the horse-understanding should give a course in the Black Forest. Where the cradle once stood. So Mama, who still lives there today, can watch what her son earns his money with. With "snort like a horse" for example. Or with horse therapy. Incidentally, this is also suitable for couples, find Johanna and Stefan Esterle, who attend a horsemanship course with Uwe Weinzierl.

Broadcasted on 03rd of August 2019 at 4.45pm + 08th of August 2019 at 1.15am on NDR/ ARD.

Music: POPVIRUS Library