★ On the way with Tamina Kallert

Wunderschön!  - Tamina in Tuscany

Hot springs, rolling hills with olive groves, cypress avenues + small villages of yellow tufa characterize southern Tuscany. Tamina Kallert is traveling between Siena + Grosseto in this wonderful cultural landscape. She delves into the mysterious world of the Etruscans, the "Tusci", who settled here 3,500 years ago + gave their name to Tuscany. 

She explores the "Serengeti of Tuscany", introduces the most beautiful spas, strolls through the Renaissance town of Pienza + enjoys music + wine in Montepulciano. And she meets people with exciting stories: the "Butteri", the guardians of the long-horned Maremma cattle, the "eco-fisher" Paolo Fanciulli + the Wuppertal art historian Hella Nussbaum who has fulfilled her dream of a "house in Tuscany".

Broadcasting on 27th of October 2019 at 8.00pm on WDR/ARD

Music: POPVIRUS Library