★ Our lives on ZDF

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Our lives on ZDF 

People from three different generations - ZDF accompanied them instensively for two years. Intimate views of their dreams + aspirations, successes + defeats, featuring life themes according to their ages.

The 20+something set their course in life - actively making it happen. The 40+ something are in the middle of life’s rush hour + make an interim balance of things. The 60+something search for new beginnings + ways out of rigid, sometimes difficult life situations.

Three films came into being with exciting + emotional insights into these different life goals through the diversity of the characters + their individual living conditions found in the middle of Germany.

POPVIRUS composed + delivered music for this thrilling ZDF trilogy. The filmmaker Dominique Klughammer collaborated with the Munich based film production company TANGRAM International to make this happen. The individual films can be viewed on ZDF on the 3rd, 10th as well as the 17th of January 2017 at 10:45pm. Spread the virus!