★ Poor Germany - Are they allowed to do that?

Poor Germany - Are they allowed to do that?

For years, "Poor Germany - Stamping or slaving away?" has been an integral part of RTLZWEI's programme diversity. The documentary accompanies the protagonists very closely in their everyday life and lets them speak freely. The offshoot "Poor Germany - Are they allowed to do that?" now consults experts for the first time and lets them judge from various points of view how the most sensational cases of the last few years should be evaluated.

The experts Stefan Selke (51), poverty researcher, the former Jobcentre employee Inge Hannemann (50), psychologist Susann Szyszka (56) and the former Hartz IV recipient Kerstin Gröschel (41) compare the cases shown with their own experiences + try to find explanations.

The fact is: Around six million people in Germany still live on Hartz IV. The experts take a critical look. Are Hartz IV recipients allowed to sublet their flat? Is the office allowed to refuse financial support to a grandmother who is raising her granddaughter?

"Poor Germany - are they allowed to do that?" clarifies the most important questions + shows how different law and justice can be.

Broadcasting on 21st of October 2020 at 11.15pm on RTL2

Music: POPVIRUS Library