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How a German doctor saves burn victims in Nepal

Dr. Andreas Settje is a specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery. He has made it his business to give burn victims in Nepal a new life.

Man Maya from Nepal is three years old when she suffers severe burns at the fireplace in her house. Because her injuries are not treated, the scarred tissue of her skin continues to contract and disfigure the girl's face. Her chin grows more and more tightly together with her chest, so that at some point she can hardly eat. At the age of 13 she weighs only 25 kilos.

Her salvation comes from Oldenburg: Dr. Andreas Settje reconstructs Man Maya's face in over 20 operations. At the time, the plastic surgeon was running a hospital in Nepal, where he mainly treated burn victims. Injuries caused by fire are very common in Nepal. Open fires in houses and kerosene burners, which are often only repaired in a makeshift manner, regularly cause accidents there.

Thanks to Dr. Andreas Settje, it is now possible to lead an almost normal life for Maya. The now 33-year-old is now married and has a small son. This is not a matter of course, because in Nepal women with burns are often excluded from society.

Broadcasting on 08th of August 2020 at 10:15pm on RTL

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