★ stern TV - Social Inequality in the Pandemic

Social Inequality in the Pandemic - Why the Crisis Hits Poorer Families Harder

Schools in Germany have been closed since Christmas. Until at least February 14, students will have to learn from home. For many parents and children, however, digital instruction is a major challenge. Families from poorer backgrounds are particularly hard hit by the school closures. For them, even the technical equipment can become a problem.

"So much is assumed," says Bernd Siggelkow, founder of the children's and youth organization "Die Arche" and today's guest on stern TV. "It starts with the printer cartridges, there is a lack of paper. We print out hundreds of pages for our children. No one thinks about the fact that there are people who can't afford it at all."

Printer, laptop, tablet, stable Internet - these are important prerequisites for so-called homeschooling. But for many low-income families, there's not enough money to pay for it. The problem is exacerbated when there are multiple children in the household. "You would have had eleven months to push digitization. They failed," says Siggelkow, founder of Arche.

Broadcasting on 03rd of February 2021 at 10.15pm on RTL

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