★ Stop, police!

Double feature Stop police!

Stop, police! - Illegal activities

On the A3 between Nuremberg and Linz, Bavarian border police officers Markus P. and Dieter R. are after a driver without a driving licence. When the officers stop the young man, they hear an adventurous story. Meanwhile, police officers Guido Wambeck and Peter Eschrich from the Brandenburg traffic police are on the hunt for traffic offenders with their video measuring vehicle.

Stop, police! - Chase with full throttle

A spectacular car chase on the A12 Berlin-Warsaw. Police officers Guido Wambeck and Peter Eschrich from Brandenburg are following a vehicle reported as stolen with their highly motorised video measuring van. The driver cannot be stopped and continues to accelerate. The journey threatens to end in a life-threatening situation for all participants...

Broadcasting on 08th of November 2020 at 02.50pm + on 3.10pm on Sat.1

Music: POPVIRUS Library