★ Switzerland's dream railway lines

Switzerland's dream railway lines In the Golden Pass Belle Époque from Montreux to the Bernese Oberland

Every day Swiss trains take their guests to remote corners north and south of the Alps. The legendary "Gotthard Panorama Express" connects the German and Italian parts of Switzerland. From the picturesque Lake Lucerne, the "Gotthard Panorama Express" travels south through the old Gotthard tunnel. On its way to Lugano, the panorama train offers impressive views of the sun-drenched villages and landscapes of Ticino.

If you like, you can start your journey with the "Gotthard Panorama Express" on Lake Lucerne. From Lucerne, one of the historic paddle steamers takes you to Flüelen, then onto the train heading south. Just before the Gotthard tunnel in Göschenen, the train is greeted by a man waving a Swiss flag: Xavier Andermatt lives three metres from the tracks in a former railway attendant's cottage and loves this ritual.

A highlight of the journey is the historic old Gotthard tunnel. The track attendant Markus Indergand knows the "tube" like the back of his hand. Every day he checks the tracks for possible damage on behalf of the Swiss Federal Railways and provides insights into his dark world. A few hundred metres further up, Daniel Würgler conquers the old Gotthard Pass with a historic stagecoach just like in the old days. From Andermatt to Airolo it takes about five hours.

An important man on board the "Gotthard Panorama Express" is René Flaim. The 49-year-old has been a tour guide for four years. He knows every bend, every station and countless anecdotes from the Gotthard region. René Flaim and his family have found a new home in Ticino: in the tranquil village of Calonico above the Leventina Valley.

After two and a half hours, the panorama train arrives at its destination in Lugano on one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland with a view of Italy.

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