★ The Taste - A spoon for every occasion with Viktoria Fuchs

The Taste - A spoon for every occasion with Viktoria Fuchs

Under the motto "Food in the Hotel", the candidates are to create a spoon dish for different occasions. In the solo cooking, wild duck, wild boar fillet or ricotta are to win over guest judge Viktoria Fuchs.

On 17 May, Sat.1 will show a new edition of "The Taste" in prime time. This time the guest judge + gastronome Viktoria Fuchs will be with us, expecting perfect spoons from the candidates under the motto "Food in a Hotel".

Last week, things got heated in the first team cook-off of "The Taste". Star chef Frank Rosin surprised his former jury colleagues Alexander Kumptner, Tim Raue and Alexander Herrmann as well as Nelson Müller and brought the amateur and professional chefs a challenge that had it all. Tasty dishes were to be prepared from the rather unpopular ingredients blue cheese, red mould cheese, raw egg yolk and the Southeast Asian fruit durian, known as "stink fruit".

Today, 17 May, it's "The Taste": New week, new motto! Starting at 8:15 p.m., the TV cooking competition will revolve around the topic of "Food in the Hotel". The idea was brought along by guest judge and top chef Viktoria Fuchs. For the team cooking, the gastronome has thought of various occasions for which perfect spoons have to be created. In the solo cooking, wild duck, wild boar fillet or ricotta are to be processed in a dish matching the motto. Whoever is least convincing in the two rounds will have to go to the decision cooking and prepare a special Eggs Benedict version there. Afterwards, guest judge Viktoria Fuchs will decide who, in her eyes, deserves to move on to the next round.

By the way, anyone who has always wanted to know what happens to leftover food after a "The Taste" recording can now read about it on the Sat.1 website. For more than ten years, the production has been giving uncooked food to a food bank in order to avoid food waste.

At the beginning of the year, the three "The Taste" coaches Tim Raue, Nelson Müller and Alexander Herrmann did not miss the opportunity to lend a hand personally and help on site (Alexander Kumptner dropped out due to illness). They cooked around 200 two-course meals for the Munich food bank and distributed them together with presenter Angelina Kirsch and the volunteers at one of the 28 distribution points in the Bavarian capital. You can see the whole action at sat1.de/thetaste and on the show's Instagram page.

Broadcasting on 17th of May 2023 at 08.15pm on Sat.1

Music: POPVIRUS Library