★ The Taste - The Final

The Taste - The final

The finale of "The Taste" is going to be eliminated. In the first task, the candidates are presented with the task "Spices". Your coaches may only advise, but not actively support. Germany's spice guru Ingo Holland rates the creations of the six finalists. The cinnamon spoon by Marko from the team of Alexander Herrmann convinced the first guest jurors of the evening the most. Susanne + Tobias (Team Maria Groß)+ Michi (Team Frank Rosin) make it to the next round. However, the finale ends prematurely for Maximilian (Team Herrmann) and ... Bassim. Thus, his coach Tim Raue loses his only remaining candidate + has to look at the rest of the final from the audience or juror perspective. Or as Frank Rosin puts it: "Tim Raue got Haue."

As the second guest juror of the evening star chef Sebastian Frank is involved in the decision to win the "The Taste". He has brought four ingredients to the topic of "fermentation": yoghurt, Parmesan, sour pickles and a celeriac ripened in salt dough. Outsider Susanne, who had cooked only a single golden star in the eight previous episodes, makes it with her sour-cucumber spoon as well as Marko (celeriac), with so far three Golden Stars also anything but a top favorite the victory. The busiest star collectors Michi separates and suspects what might have been: "If I cooked alone, I cleared away." A side blow to his coach Frank Rosin?

However, "The Taste" is not over completely for Michi yet: Susanne selects him as support for the final task. Marko gets Patrick by his side. The two finalists have to cook a three-course meal with their helpers, which is then rated by the four coaches. In the end it is the menu of Marko, which arrives at all four coaches better. He wins 50,000 euros and may also publish his own cookbook. Just to remember: Marko had already been eliminated twice and was twice saved by a new rule - first Tim Raue drew his joker for him, then Alexander Herrmann. He can now look forward to his fourth victory as a coach. Well played!

Broadcasting on 27nd of November 2019 at 8.15pm on Sat.1 + on 30th of November 2019 at 8.15pm on Sixx

Music: POPVIRUS Library