★ Understanding dogs!

Understanding dogs! - Male German Shepherd Snow does what he wants & Yorkshire Terrier bitch Frieda, whirlwind on the leash

Dog coach Andreas Ohligschläger is on the road in Alsdorf near Aachen + supports dog owner Jenny, who has problems with her white shepherd Snow. Neither at home, nor when walking or at work, the young male dog listens to Jenny. On the contrary, he does what he wants - a test of nerves for his owner.

In the second case, the dog coach goes to the vicinity of Paderborn. Melanie and her boyfriend Leon are having trouble with their dog Frieda. The only one year old Yorkshire Terrier bitch snaps at children + is also otherwise an uncontrolled whirlwind on the leash. Since boyfriend Leon is living with a dog for the first time, he is also very insecure in dealing with her. The coach therefore first clarifies the basics of understanding + educating dogs.

Broadcasting on 17th of February 2021 at 09.15pm on WDR/ARD

Music: POPVIRUS Library