★ Wild life behind the dike

Wild life behind the dike

The Cuxhaven coastal heaths are the only heathland in Lower Saxony that borders directly on the sea and are a valuable habitat for many species of animals. The documentary accompanies man and animal through the changing seasons and shows the unique beauty of an ancient cultural landscape which has nevertheless preserved its wild and original side. Nowhere else along the coast of Lower Saxony is the landscape as diverse and varied as in the largest crowberry heath area on the German mainland. Behind the holiday seaside resort of Duhnen, purple heathland glows in August. Here, bisons, Heck cattle and coniks live behind the dyke. The Hasenkampf family looks after wild horses and cattle in the Cuxhaven coastal heath, which are used here to combat the threat of scrub encroachment. But the animals are anything but tame and accessible. Especially the 800-kilo bison bull considers the hare-fighters as intruders in its territory.

Broadcasting on 08th of October 2020 at 08.30am + 05th of October 2020 at 09.00pm on WDR/ARD

Music: POPVIRUS Library