★ Wool for future - It becomes more and more colorful

Wool for future - It becomes more and more colorful

Business plan, my ass! Marco Scheel doesn't give a damn about business plans and follows his own principles and market analyses. It was clear to him long before climate activist Greta Thunberg that eco fashion had a future. And for him, this also means the gray-wool Pomeranian sheep that supplies the wool for it. This breed of sheep had almost disappeared from the landscape it had shaped for thousands of years. Displaced and forgotten because of textiles made in the Far East + from mineral oil. Marco Scheel founded his small textile company Nordwolle, finds German companies that spin + mill the wool for him. And from it he makes jackets. The wool producer expands his research, what works with gray Pomeranian sheep wool must also work with wool from other colored sheep breeds threatened with extinction. It becomes fündig, from Germany over Great Britain to Iceland! The Bentheimer Landschaf, the Coburger Fuchsschaf, the Black Welsh Mountain Sheep, all have a similar fate + lost their former value to the modern textile industry. Marco Scheel doesn't flinch for long, flies to England and sets off in search of the blackest of all sheep. After all, why dye wool when it should naturally exist in a deep pitch black? Will he find what he is looking for? And can he expand? Then he would be closer to his goal of making sheep's wool worth something again. But a beautiful plan is not so easy to implement when it requires permits from German authorities.

Broadcasting on 03rd of February 2021 at 11.30am on NDR/ARD

Music: POPVIRUS Library