★ Wunderschön! - North Holland

Wunderschön! - Holiday in North Holland

Kilometre-long dune landscapes, canals, windmills and picturesque villages - there are many reasons why Germans spend their holidays in North Holland. Tamina Kallert searches for traces of the "Holland feeling" + asks the locals: Why do our neighbours allow a clear view into their living rooms and don't wear bicycle helmets? She learns how to make Gouda and experiences a vegetable auction in the "Empire of 1,000 Islands" like in the old days. She climbs the lighthouse in Egmond and looks at the coastal region from high above, climbs the dune glacier in Schoorl + explores the sea and its inhabitants with the help of a trawl. Together with her WDR colleague Simone Sombecki, Tamina Kallert cycles through the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site Beemster Polder, a fertile, strictly geometric landscape that was still a lake in the 17th century + was drained with the help of 43 windmills.

Broadcasted on 23rd of August 2019 at 6.15pm + on 24th of August 2019 at 4.15am on WDR/ ARD + 20th of October 2019 at 4.00am.

Music: POPVIRUS Library