★ Wunderschön! - Romantic Holland

Wunderschön! - Romantic Holland - Between the splendor of tulips and the royal crown

A seemingly endless sea of blossoms - not far from beach and sea: In spring, the landscape between Haarlem and The Hague resembles a huge, colorful painting. And in the middle of it all is Keukenhof, one of the largest flower parks in the world. Here alone, 4.5 million tulips are in bloom. But can you actually eat + drink the flowers? Andrea Grießmann tries it out. On her trip through southern Holland, she also stops in Leiden, the city where the famous painter Rembrandt lived and worked. Another artist came from the porcelain city of Delft: Jan Vermeer. Andrea Grießmann encounters his famous painting "Girl with the Pearl Earring" everywhere there. In The Hague, she follows in the footsteps of the royal family, celebrates the king's birthday, and takes a look at the modern yet ancient seaside resort of Scheveningen. Tulip season is travel season The tulip bloom season - from late March to mid-May - is a tourist attraction. Among the highlights of the season are the magnificent flower parades. The longest parade runs from Noordwijk to Haarlem and lasts a whole day. Andrea Grießmann learns that tulips not only look pretty but also taste good while enjoying tulip beer, salad with tulip bulbs + dessert with tulip flowers. And she visits the inventor of tulip vodka. The Hague - where the King is at home Where does Queen Maxima buy her clothes and hats? Through which streets does the royal couple drive once a year in a magnificent carriage? Andrea Grießmann goes on a royal tour in The Hague. On "King's Day," she strolls through the famous open-air market on Frederik Hendriklaan in the Scheveningen district. A Ferris wheel stands on the wide beach; and in the magnificent "Kurhaus" the Stones gave their first concert on the European mainland. Rembrandt Superstar In the 17th century, the success story of tulip cultivation began in Holland - the time of economic and cultural prosperity. One of the most famous painters of the "Golden Age" was Rembrandt van Rijn, born in Leiden in 1606. To this day, he is the superstar of the old university city: in museums, in stores + on the street. Here Andrea Grießmann meets an amateur painter who tells her why the great master painted on rag paper. 

Broadcasting on 21st of February 2021 at 08.15pm on WDR/ARD

Music: POPVIRUS Library