★ Your Song 2019

Your Song 2019

New season - new opportunity "Your Song" - the Composers' Competition: shooting start 11th season with a new jury in Wiesbaden.

Songwriters Elif and Mieze as well as music producer Martin Haas and singer Ole Specht rate the young composers.Diverse compositions, talented young composers and an expert jury: These are the creative ingredients for the shooting start of the 11th season of "Dein Song" (ZDF) on 25 July at Schloss Biebrich in Wiesbaden.

This year, 14 young songwriters + two songwriter duos between the ages of 11 and 17 want to convince the prominent jury of their musical abilities. Their goal: a direct final ticket or one of the coveted seats for the "Your Song" composer camp in Ibiza! Only the eight best young composers who manage to convince the jury eventually get a prominent music godfather to perfect their own song.

Start of the 11th season in spring 2019. POPVIRUS Library delivers the music for the Composers Competition as in the last season.