★ Simple and Delicious

Simple and Delicious - Cooking with Björn Freitag Little Things from the Region

Regional cuisine is absolutely in vogue. Top chef Björn Freitag will be using products from our country to serve up small dishes that can be prepared quickly and without a lot of fuss. The menu includes parsnip puree with crispy duck breast strips, potato pancakes with trout mousse and sweet semolina with cherry ragout. It sounds very simple and is really delicious. In small kitchen videos, viewers tell of bad luck & mishaps while cooking. Björn Freitag tries to help + gives practical tips - from a little pepper lore to the right knife sharpening. The top chef also reveals some of the secrets of his cooking. In addition, "vegetable blogger" Ralf Roesberger from Rommerskirchen reports via the net. The cook got to know + appreciate the self-supporter on his tours through the country. True to the title of the show, the preparation of the dishes always remains simple + the result is guaranteed delicious. "Food should first please the eyes + then the stomach." That's what Johann Wolfgang von Goethe had already wished back then. Through extraordinary camera images, the eye eats with "Simple + delicious". And when Björn Freitag prepares it simply and deliciously, even Goethe will enjoy it.

Broadcasting on 06th of February 2021 at 05.15pm on WDR/ARD

Music: POPVIRUS Library